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 TNA iMPACT! discussion thread

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TNA iMPACT! discussion thread Empty
PostSubject: TNA iMPACT! discussion thread   TNA iMPACT! discussion thread EmptyWed May 05, 2010 3:18 pm

TNA iMPACT! discussion thread Tna-impact

To talk a bit about last iMPACT. I must say that I called EY swerve like miles before it happened. As he slide in the ring, it started to click, how Waltman might not come back to TNA after the beating, I see EY in a black shirt, I think Bubba is gone, I see EY in the middle of the ring with the kendo stick and hasnt hit anyone yet, I scream, SWERVE! SWERVE! And what happens? A swerve. I really marked out when The Guns got over on The Band too, when both of them whooped all their asses.

Jeff Hardy in his shining moment on the mic, showing more charisma than he has ever in his whole career yells out (I just watched it not an hour ago and I cant remember it was either) Look at those panties, or nice panties. either way it was hilarious. And the undies that Anderson was wearing, I want... On the back they said TALK INTO... and on the front it said THIS MIC. I flipped and laughed my head off. And that voice Jeff did, it was very funny.

Not much wrestling on this iMPACT, but in a weird way I thought it was a good iMPACT! alot of good segments. I loved Anderson and Jeff segment. The 2nd best segment would be the O-Zone. Like I said in the O-Zone thread, At 1st I defended him solely because I thought he was a good talent, but now I think hes doing great in TNA. His segment was great, and I hope the O-Zone continues. Its going to put alot of stars in weird positions and will produce good tv. IN MY OPINION THAT IS... The joke about Terry and his bulges, and his dick bulge, that was funny. And when OJ got over on Goldberg the less talented I was so happy.

Other than that, mark it on your calender, the countdown to Sacrifice and the last time we will see Taras face on TNA tv is almost here! I cant wait. She has done nothing really, but try to make TNA a place like WWE from what I hear. And from what others have said *cough*Pope*cough* shes creepy in real life. So na na na na hey hey and all that jazz bitch, good bye!!!
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TNA iMPACT! discussion thread
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